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Haley - Dusa

          GPS (Global Positioning System) Surveying

          Land Title Association (ALTA/ACSM) Surveys

          Boundary / Property Line Surveys / Fence Survey

          Preparation of legal descriptions

          Topographic / Utility Survey

          Site layout and Construction Surveys

          FEMA/Flood Elevation Surveys

          Calculation of right-of-way

          As-Built Surveys

          Preparation of Corporation line plat

          Establish horizontal and Vertical Control

          Courthouse Investigations

          Record Plats

          Expert witness

Haley - Dusa uses some of the most advanced GPS (Global Positioning System) Surveying equipment. The HiPer+ in tandem with the Legacy-E GPS+ receiver provide fast and accurate solutions that do not rely on when or where we are working. This will save you time and money.

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270 Regency Ridge Drive,

Suite 203, Dayton, Ohio 45459

Phone: (937) 439-4300, Fax: (937) 439-2005


P.O. Box 684

Cincinnati, Ohio 45201-0684

Phone: (513) 241-6011, Fax: (513) 241-6311